Oh my, I have been gone for quite some time. Long story short… life has been HECTIC. All I want to do is cosy up with my wool and hook and crochet something cute whilst listening to a good audiobook but everything seems to be getting in the way! BUT, I do have some good news! Guess where I’m moving to in a couple of weeks time….. DUBLIN!!!!! One of the many reasons why I just haven’t had time to sit down, chill, and update you all.

So, let’s wind back a few months and I shall tell you all about it. Ready?

As some of you may be aware, I am currently studying for my Masters of Arts in English Literature here in Yorkshire. I have always had a love for books from a young age, but over the last few years at University, and more importantly, the last twelve months, I have fallen in love with the world of academia and have been pushing this further. ‘But how do I do that?’ I thought to myself. After speaking to my wonderful supervisor at University, I decided that there was no better way than a PhD. There was a slight problem, however, because gurl, that ain’t cheap. After sending myself in a dizzy looking for ways of funding this and looking at scholarships (which, I might add, turned out to be few and far between) I came across a four-year doctoral scholarship at Dublin City University in the department of English. As a Yorkshire lass who has never lived more than half an hour away from home, I applied whilst thinking that nothing would ever come of it. Well, it did. Fast forward to now, I am frantically trying to finish off my Masters whilst trying to get everything prepared to move to ANOTHER COUNTRY!

I hope you can all appreciate why I have been gone for so long. I am both very scared and excited to embark on this new journey and I promise that I shall keep you all up to date!


For now, enjoy a photo of the amazing buns my best friend Theresa gave to me to celebrate (I didn’t scoff them all, I promise). Don’t they look scrumptious?! I can assure you that they were…

G, x


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